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What is GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate)? – Kundan Kidney Care Centre

Once your doctor observe any markers for kidney disease,
he/she will recommend a few tests. One of them will be to determine the GFR.
This refers to the amount of fluid filtered per minute by the glomeruli
(capillaries or tiny blood vessels in the kidneys).

GFR is an accurate index to measure the kidney function. This
can also determine the stage of kidney disease. The normal range varies between
100 – 120 ml/min.

It is also a good practice to use appropriate terms to
understand why these tests are performed. It is also important to understand
the four main functions of kidneys:

  1. Excretory function – this helps in excretion of
    waste products and drugs
  2. Regulatory function – this controls body fluid
    volume and composition
  3. Endocrine function – this produces
    erythropoietin, renin and prostaglandis
  4. Metabolic function – this metabolizes Vitamin D
    and small molecular weight proteins

A low GFR is an evidence of serious progressive renal
disease. GFR reduces in both acute and chronic renal failure. A reduction of
more than 50% in GFR manifests as raised serum urea and creatinine.

To determine GFR, other factors like age, race and gender are
taken into consideration. Doctor may ask to measure GFR more than once before
an assessment of kidney function is determined.

Even though the GFR test is very useful to determine kidney
function, the results may vary in some situations. E.g. age 70 or older and
under 18, pregnant, obese, muscular, vegetarian, African descent. These factors
affect creatinine generation. In these cases, an additional test with 24 hours
urine collection may be more accurate.

Your doctor may suggest some additional tests such as an
ultrasound or CT scan to spot any abnormalities in the kidneys such as kidney
stones. A kidney biopsy may be suggested to have to examine any abnormalities
and disease.

If you are diagnosed with any stage of kidney disease or you
are at risk. Please contact us for a safe and natural treatment.