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OUWB: Podcasts of interest

If you are taking the M2 renal class and are looking for a way to study while cleaning, exercising, walking the dog, or commuting, allow me to suggest a few podcasts that may be of interest.

Curbsiders Podcast on rapid interpretation of ABGs

Curbsiders #104: Renal Tubular Acidosis

The Curbsiders: Hyponatremia

Curbsiders: Hypernatremia

Hyperkalemia with The Curbsiders

Channel your Enthusiasm This is an award winning podcast podcast series on renal physiology. The intended audience is nephrology fellows and clinicians so it may aim too high, but if you like podcasts and a group of experts getting together to geek out on a topic they love it may tickle your fancy.

A long list of interesting podcasts for interested medical student