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Nurses have a special relationship with patients and can drive research

Continuing to support patients

After retiring in 2014, Pam has continued to support patients in a voluntary capacity, including as lead public governor at Newcastle Upon Tyne NHS Foundation Trust, a member of the Northern Counties Kidney Research Fund committee, a trustee of the Transplant Patients Trust, and chair of a charity called The Kidney Patients Holiday Fund.

Pam says: “I’m still very involved with kidney patients and the hospital trust. Some people say I might never leave! I’ve represented patients and the public at Newcastle Upon Tyne NHS Foundation Trust for the past six years, to make sure their voices are heard.

“My charitable work includes enabling dialysis patients to go on holiday while receiving treatment, and providing financial grants to transplant patients who are facing difficult times. I’d love for transportation to be improved for patients, particularly those receiving dialysis who are often groggy after their treatment and struggle with driving home.

“Accommodation on site at hospital would be a massive help to transplant patients and their families too. There’s still lots of work, research, and testing that can be done to make patients’ lives easier.

“I’m privileged to have had the career that I’ve had. I couldn’t have wanted for more. It’s over to other people now and I hope they realise what a special group the patients are. I would encourage any nurse to take the plunge and consider making a difference through research by applying to Kidney Research UK’s next grants round.”