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New “Heart Valve Learning Center” to Help You

Written By: Adam Pick, Patient Advocate, Author & Website Founder
Published: November 7, 2023

Hi Everybody,

Great news! I wanted to share a quick website update that just went live.  As you may know, there are over 20,000 pages of content at  We are always posting new educational information including articles, patient stories, technology updates and much more.

New Heart Valve Learning Center

To integrate all the new content at, we just updated the Heart Valve Learning Center.  As you can see at this link, the Learning Center now integrates new content across including feature posts, live patient updates from our community, blogs and many educational links to help you learn about heart valve disease and its treatment options.

Heart Valve Learning Center

Fyi, there are several updates for our website that will be announced shortly.  To see those announcements, get new medical insights, and learn about the latest patient updates from our community, click here to subscribe to our email newsletter.

Keep on tickin!