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Mother and daughter celebrate kidney transplant success four decades on – Kidney Research UK

Transplant lasting 40 years

Four decades on, Kathleen still marvels at Cheryl’s sunny, uncomplaining outlook.

“I’m so proud of the way she’s dealt with everything,” says Kathleen. “When I looked back at my diaries and read everything she’s been through, it made me realise how ill she actually was. But we just got on with things and, through all that, Cheryl built up an amazing resilience.”

Cheryl and her mum are now excited to be taking part in our Glasgow Bridges Walk later this month, having been amazed at the progress kidney treatment had made since Cheryl’s transplant.

“I’ve got a huge scar from where my kidney was removed, but nowadays keyhole surgery is the norm,” says Kathleen. “I’m fascinated by all the advances in dialysis and the transplant process over the last 40 years and that’s all down to research. It’s so important that it continues, which is why we need to raise as much money for Kidney Research UK as possible.”