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Kidney patients trial world’s first blood potassium self-testing device

Patients testing advanced technology

Following years of research by Professor Fiona Karet and her team, the Kalium Health company was set up in order to support the research and development needed to bring her research idea to patients. The new clinical study will see up to 100 UK-based patients recruited to provide blood samples for testing with the new device. The aim of the study is to investigate how well Kalium’s rapid, handheld test compares to traditional, large hospital-based machines designed for professional use.   

The work by Professor Fiona Karet and Kalium Health has been supported by research grants and funding from Kidney Research UK.  

Lucy Sreeves, executive director at Kidney Research UK, said “Accurately measuring potassium levels is essential for people living with chronic kidney disease. Abnormal levels of potassium in the body are dangerous and potentially life threatening, yet they can only currently be measured through inconvenient and costly visits to clinical settings for invasive blood draws. This clinical study is a significant milestone in the development of this new device to empower patients to measure their own potassium levels and we look forward to seeing the results later in 2024.”