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Industry Advisory Council Spotlight: Geoffrey Kannan, MD, PhD

Dr. Geoffrey Kannan has always known he wanted to be a physician-scientist. After his first laboratory experience in high school, he was dedicated to learning more about innovations in science that could impact patients’ lives. 

“As soon as I stepped on the pediatric ward in medical school at the University of Miami, I knew that I was destined not only for oncology, but pediatric oncology. It’s been such a rewarding decision,” said Dr. Kannan. 

Dr. Kannan is a pediatric neuro-oncologist by training, and a senior medical director and oncology team lead for the Americas at Labcorp Drug Development. He serves as a medical monitor in a wide variety of industry sponsored trials and is a subject matter expert in pediatric oncology.  

Today, the overall survival rate for childhood cancer is more than 85%, but for many more rare childhood cancers the survival rate remains much lower. True progress requires input from experts in science and industry. Dr. Kannan serves on the CureSearch Industry Advisory Council (IAC), championing CureSearch programs and reviewing research projects for drug development potential. 

Dr. Kannan says that CureSearch’s collaborative groups, like the IAC, are integral in making a longterm impact for childhood cancer patients across the country. 

“CureSearch has achieved the goal of getting the necessary people sitting together. We must continue to work to balance all perspectives and always listen for the needs of the patient,” said Dr. Kannan. “I believe that CureSearch, and the people who make up its beating heart, is uniquely situated to lead in the care of our patients.” 

Dr. Kannan plays a critical role in helping us change the landscape of pediatric oncology, also helping plan the CureSearch Pediatric Early Development Symposium and CureSearch Summit. We are very grateful to have Dr. Kannan’s support of all of CureSearch’s work. 

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