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Importance of Pooing!! | dialysis hacks

I know that we’ve discussed this before but after the two weeks I’ve just had I wanted to push it again.

It’s simple – if you are on PD and have a catheter make sure you are pooing once a day! If you don’t have a movement for 3 days or more ring your dialysis unit!!!

I didn’t and after 9 days of not having a poo, I was in A & E with crippling tummy pains and vomiting. 4 nights in Hospital sorted me out but after that an X Ray showed that my PD tube had “flipped” and started causing pain when the PD fluid when in.

This is my X Ray – the red arrow above is where the tube should end and the blue arrow shows where the tube is actually – ie in the completely wrong place.

Because of this, I could not have an exchange for nearly 2 weeks (by the end of which I was feeling very rough).

I now have a Permacath put in and I’m temporarily on haemodialysis waiting for Surgury to move the PD tube back.

All this because I didn’t poo enough!

Happy Pooing!