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How memory may impact decision making for patients with CKD

The solution 

Kerry and her team aim to find out how common CI is in kidney patients from a range of backgrounds. She will also work to understand the impact that undiagnosed CI can have on treatment decision-making and quality of life for patients with CKD who choose to have dialysis or supportive care. 

This patient-centred research will start with interviews to explore the background and social factors that have influenced individual decision-making around treatments, and to understand their feelings about joining a research study of this type. 

Next, Kerry will design a questionnaire to look at quality of life, how much the patients are able to do for themselves, and sociodemographic information (such as ethnicity, religion, first language, education, income and social support). Participants will also be asked to complete a short screening test which has been designed for multicultural populations. They will then be followed up by carefully looking at their NHS healthcare records for up to two years to understand their treatment journey.