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Facing Change: Kicking and Screaming… Accepting… Coping… Growing    – Just Got Diagnosed – Founded by Gary McClain, PhD

Changes are coming!

So… what’s your first reaction when you read those three words?  Let me guess.  Oh wow!  Enthusiasm?  You just can’t wait?  Or oh wow!  Again?  More?  Why?  Followed by some fear, frustration, disappointment, and lots of anxious thoughts.  Maybe all of the above?

Humans are wired to keep things as they are, to maintain whatever their day-to-day normal is, to avoid big gyrations.  We fear being thrown off our game.  If it’s not broken, why do I have to fix it? 

One of the hardest parts about learning to live with a chronic health condition is that it introduces change into your life, change that you didn’t ask for.  A chronic condition is like having an uninvited houseguest that’s not going away.  What is my guest going to demand this week?  Well, let’s see.  I suspect that one of your most important life lessons has been to accept that your chronic condition is part of your life, whether you have the diagnosis yourself or are a family member. 

Yes, change is part of life.  The global pandemic that we have been dealing with has been a reminder that change comes whether we want it or not.  But it has also taught us that we can weather change if we have to.  So congratulations!