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Diabetes treatment is not set up for flourishing. But you can.

Join me for an utterly conversational, yet paradigm shifting talk below. I had the pleasure to kick off Diabetes Sisters‘ Lifestyle Webinar series with a half hour look at flourishing with diabetes.

You’ll learn how our treatment approach for people living with diabetes evolved. How it’s aimed at coping rather than flourishing. Why you can’t control your blood sugar. What you can do instead to better manage your numbers. And why you’re responsible for your effort, but not your outcome.

If you live with diabetes it’s time you took yourself off the hook. If you’re a health professional, you’ll see you need never put your patients on one.

“I just thought your presentation was absolutely wonderful, and I think everybody, everywhere, needs to watch it. Not just PWD, but family members and medical professionals. Your insights give a wonderful and positive perspective on something that’s a serious topic.”

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